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Actor Pushes Hollywood To Promote Faith Instead Of Evil

Star of upcoming film “The Shift,” Kristoffer Polaha, told The Christian Post that Hollywood needs to focus more on stories of “integrity” and “faith” than those glorifying the works of evil.

“I think it is inspiring and ennobling to see someone have integrity, and to see someone fight for love, and to see somebody who’s true and true-hearted and what does that look like? We need role models,” Polaha told TCH. “I’m in Hollywood, and I love Hollywood, and I think that Hollywood is doing its best job to be as representative as it can, and sometimes it feels heavy-handed and it misses the mark.”

“It’s almost like we’re telling so many stories that we’re forgetting to tell the stories that are sort of a basic, fundamental,” he continued.

What Is ‘The Shift’?

The film is set for release in January 2024, and tells the story of a man, Kevin, who lives in a dystopian future where a mysterious individual gives him challenges to try and return to the woman he loves.

“The Shift’ deals with, very simply put, at its core, as we all are, we all have the potential to be sort of broken and rotten. If I gave you a hall pass to do anything that you wanted to do, would you do it? It’s a very simple question. There’s no repercussions, legally you’re fine, morally you’re fine, here’s a hall pass, do whatever you want to do. So that’s what my character is given,” Polaha explained.

The main character is described by TCH as a “power broker” and in all but one of the multiverses he’s in, he is said to “represent an agent of chaos.”

“He kills people. He shakes things up. He destroys things. But in this one version, Kevin’s truth is that he is a man of integrity. He’s fighting to be good, and he’s a man of faith and he’s [trying to get back to the love of his life, his wife],” Polaha continued. “And so what you see is this guy, literally trying to go to the ends of every universe trying to find this girl.” (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Creator Addresses Pride Flag Controversy)

Biblical Overtones In Storytelling

“”We acknowledge mediums. We acknowledge ghosts. We acknowledge aliens. We acknowledge all of these things that we can’t see, even Sasquatch. So, we’re allowed to believe all of these things and I think where Hollywood has really sunk its teeth into human nature in the way that Jesus was talking about the world,” Polaha noted.

“The world is broken and I think left to our own devices, if you take the hall pass and do what you want, it becomes very easy to start to feed your own nature because we are full of pride, we are full of lust, we are full of greed.” (LEARN MORE: ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Flies Past $100 Million)

Hollywood has a responsibility to show what the world would be like if we were all good, if we stopped glorifying or even ignoring the worst actions that humans can take against each other.

“Let’s start showing people what it looks like to be tested and still have faith, and still be true to your faith, and still have integrity, and still have honesty, what does that look like?” he stated.

What Are Your Favorite Christian Stories?

America is craving Christian stories. Whether it’s shows like “The Chosen” or films like “Sound of Freedom,” the viewership and support of these stories proves there is success when we follow His Light.

What are your favorite Christian shows and films? Tell us and we’ll start writing about them, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest.  (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Production Makes Major Announcement)

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