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Universal School Choice Enacted In 10th State. What Does This Mean For You?

In September, North Carolina became the 10th state to give final approval over universal school choice programs and this is important for everyone in America to understand.

The decision by NC allows all students in the state to receive some form of tuition assistance in paying for private education, according to the Washington Stand. Education experts are a huge fan of the decision, as it allows parents a whole new way to force public and private schools to enact reforms that matter most to them. (LEARN MORE: School To Pay $80,000 For Silencing Christians)

The program uses your tax dollars to expand education options for children — something that should be a given in every state, anyway. Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, West Virginia, Utah, Ohio, and Oklahoma all opted to use the program since 2022.

Democrats Hate School Choice Programs

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper declared a “state of emergency” over the decision to support universal school choice back in May. Cooper felt like the idea of funding children for better educational opportunities would “set back our schools for a generation.”

But since schools in North Carolina are extremely underfunded, and sources say teachers are quitting more than ever, the program couldn’t have come at a better time. (LEARN MORE: Chinese Communist Party Targets American Schools Near Military Bases)

“This is great news,” Family Research Council senior fellow for education studies Meg Kilgannon told the outlet. “School choice is a wonderful option for parents who want to leave the public school system. For parents who need to stay, the fact of school choice as an option will be another pressure point on school officials to be responsive to the needs and desires of parents and the community.”

Community Keeps Us Going

The government may think your child’s life and education career is best conducted under their rule, but we know that parents should always come first. There are entire cities where public schools can’t educate one student to math proficiency — do you really want this for your child’s experience?

You can tell your local, state, and federally elected officials how you want your public schools to look today. Sign up for today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure your voice in heard. Our mission is to ensure the voice of voters and taxpayers is turned into action, and your elected officials are held responsible for their actions.


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