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Poll Finds More Than 50% If US Adults Don’t Want Another Vaccine

Some 52% of U.S. adults told the Kaiser Family Foundation poll they are “probably” or “definitely” not getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, Fox News reported Sunday.

Those claiming they’ll “definitely” or “probably” get the new COVID-19 booster vaccine are Democrats aged 65 years or older. Democrats were overwhelming positive about the new booster, with 70% saying they’ll most likely receive it.

But just 24% of Republicans were pro-vaccination against COVID-19. “The poll shows that most of the nation still trusts the CDC and the FDA on vaccines — but there is a partisan gap, and most Republicans don’t trust the nation’s regulatory and scientific agencies responsible for vaccine approval and guidance,” KFF president and CEO Drew Altman said of the results.

Trust Gap In Politics

A further 58% of Democrats said they’d be open to taking extra precautions again, like wearing face masks and enduring another winter without much in the way of human contact. Only 16% of Republicans said they’d be happy to do the same. (LEARN MORE: ‘Pro-Family, Pro-Child’: America Fights Back With Pro-Parent Legislation)

Strange Data On Parental Rights

Of the respondents, 43% of parents and only 31% of adults apparently believed the vaccination choices of children should be the parents responsibility.

Parental rights are a growing concern in America, as our current Democratic government continues  to try and diminish them. You can tell your local, state, and federal lawmakers how much you support parental rights today. You can protect the lives and mental health of children right now.

To contact your local representatives today, sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard.. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed.

The survey, which was conducted between Sept. 6 and Sept. 13, polled 1,296 U.S. adults via online and telephone polls.


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