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U2’s Bono Says America Is At A ‘Low Ebb’

During a conversation with Channel 4, a British television network, U2’s Bono refused to discuss Trump, but said America is at a “low ebb” right now.

“I’m attracted to to freedom,” Bono said after being asked about political issues that preoccupy him. “I think it’s important that we demonstrate to the world what freedom looks like, what freedom acts like. So I’ll bet on freedom and I bet that America comes back from this rather low ebb it is out of presently.” When asked whether America could go lower in his estimation under another Trump Presidency, Bono replied:

“We don’t use the T-word.”

But His Bandmate Had Other Ideas

“Democracy is having the existential crisis,” the Edge said. “It’s very hard to imagine argument against authoritarianism both at home and abroad when there is this substantial group of people, particularly in America, who are actually second guessing the principles of inclusion and freedom.”

While some, including Breitbart, thought The Edge was insulting Trump. But maybe he wasn’t, maybe he’s against all forms of tyranny and sees what we see. What do you think?

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