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Hunter Biden’s Text Messages Released

During a September episode of Victory News, MillionVoices’ very own John Graves detailed shocking new revelations concerning first son Hunter Biden’s text messages to other family members about his father.

In one message, read out loud to colleagues and the press by Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, Hunter Biden clearly indicates he’s doing something to protect his father. The text was sent to Jim Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother.

“Anyway, we can talk later but you’ve been drawn into something purely for the purposes of protecting Dad — and I know and of the BS money is mine ultimately,” Hunter said to his uncle.

What Does This Mean?

“He’s trying to protect his dad because that’s the one that has the ‘only asset’ in the Biden family; that they were all making tens of millions of dollars. We thought it was $5 million then $10 [million] then $20 [million] then $40 [million]. The numbers just keep getting bigger,” Graves explained. “As they dig for evidence, I think this is only going to get worse for the president, who shouldn’t be there if the American people were told the truth about Hunter Biden and it wasn’t suppressed by Big Tech and Big Government Agencies.”

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