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Biden’s Competitors Censored By Google

Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are seemingly being silenced by Google, according to analysis of tests completed by Just The News.

“Google is either the most incompetent search engine on the planet, or it is intentional. This is not a coincidence,” Media Research Center VP Dan Schneider said in September. Though we are not surprised by Big Tech’s blatant censorship, the powers that be are doing everything possible to ensure it continued.

A federal judge denied Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s motion for a temporary restraining order against Google and others in August. YouTube has consistently removed Kennedy’s videos and content. But the judge said these removals did not “irreparably harm him.”

But it does harm the First Amendment

Consistent research into Google’s search results show “substantial liberal bias,” former Psychology Today editor-in-chief Robert Epstein testified to the Arizona Legislature. Epstein has testified to similar concerns  in the past.

Epstein now runs an opt-in project that “monitors Big Tech content 24 hours a day through the computers of a politically-balanced group of 11,749 registered voters in all 50 states.” These data shows that there have been “more than 45 million ephemeral experiences” on how Big Teh allegedly manipulates elections.

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