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Republican Explains Why He Voted To Remove McCarthy

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good explained to CBN, Wednesday, why he opted to oust former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

“While it was a sad decision to have to vote to remove our speaker, (it) was not a difficult decision unfortunately because of the failures of leadership that have been demonstrated this year and culminating with what happened on Saturday with the continuing resolution. So it was with a heavy heart that I approached it and I disquieted spirit with the conflict that was ahead, however, I was thankful that we were able to prevail in what needed to be done for the country, for the good of the country,” Good told CBN’s Matt Galka. (LEARN MORE: Kevin McCarthy Replaced As Speaker Of The House In Historic Vote)

Choose David, Not Saul

“And I’m encouraged by what has transpired since then. I am persuaded, convinced that we will emerge with a more unified conference because we will have to come together and vote in a new speaker with 218, hopefully, 221, hopefully, to be unanimous among Republicans… We want to choose a David, not a Saul, we wanna prayerfully, humbly approach this and vet these candidates and do the best we can for the American people. The country cannot afford us to do anything less and so I’m encouraged but, but again the real work is beginning now and we’re committed to that,” he continued. (LEARN MORE: How To Understand The Banking Collapse In Just A Few Minutes)

The Deciding Factor

“Instead of passing our spending bills as he promised he would and keeping his commitment to cut back to pre-COVID spending for non-defense discretionary, he dillied, he dallied, he was a feckless leader and he couldn’t decide, he didn’t lead the conference. We didn’t pass those bills and yet then he responds with a continuing resolution on Saturday that Democrats vote 209 to 1 in the House and 51 to 0 in the Senate because it keeps in place all the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer policies that we’re suffering under that are destroying the country and that are bankrupting us from a fiscal standpoint. Why wouldn’t all Democrats vote for that? We don’t need a Republican Speaker or Republican Majority to do what Democrats want us to do, so we need change. The country can’t afford more the status quo,” Good explained.

Who And What Do You Support?

Choosing our future president and lawmakers is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. Your right to vote is as powerful as it gets in our democracy, so who do you want to vote for?

Better yet, what policies and platforms are most important to you? Along with the president, there are thousands of elected officials across America who work for you. What do you want them working on?

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