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How To Understand The Banking Collapse In Just A Few Minutes

Newsmax host Carl Higbie wrote and presented an incredible monologue Sunday, focused on the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. He explained perfectly how this collapse could impact you.

“We just saw the fall of one of America’s Top 20 Banks on Friday. In fact, as recently as March 6th, SVB or Silicon Valley Bank was the number one tech start-up bank financing much of the venture capital in the industry,” Higbie explained to viewers.

We strongly encourage you to watch the full video to see what banks do with your money once you deposit it:

In a clip shared less than a week before SVB’s collapse, Higbie also described how the Federal Reserve’s choice to keep hiking interest rates impacts you, your home value, and the American economy in general.

“As the Fed raises interest rates, folks, in an increasingly unstable economy, many things happen,” Higbie explained in the previous clip. “Most notably, consumer debt. It costs more to borrow money. Take your home for example. If two years ago you bought your home for $500,000 with a 10 percent down payment, your current rates — with good credit — were about 2.75%”

The same home for the same price, with the same down payment, would now lead to a $3,400 monthly payment thanks to the Fed’s skyrocketing interest rates. You’ll also end up paying $1,170,000 for a home that was never worth even half of that to begin with.

It’s almost like the government is trying to destroy the economy.

Economic policy is only as complicated as the government makes it. And a handful of corrupt individuals do not have to destroy your life.

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