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‘Sound Of Freedom’ Flies Past $100 Million

Angel Studio’s “Sound of Freedom” stunned the entertainment industry in recent weeks, after becoming one of the biggest films in America despite being almost blacklisted.

According to a report from CBN, the secret to “Sound of Freedom” and Angel Studio’s success is that they’re putting the audience in the driver’s seat. It’s up to the viewers what films and television shows get green-lit, and then the studio does the work to raise the necessary funding.

The studio was started by brothers Jeffrey and Neal Harmon. The duo are true disruptors in the entertainment industry.

“The Chosen” Is Breaking All Barriers

Everyone knows Angel Studio’s biggest export, “The Chosen.” The series chronicles the stories of Jesus Christ’s time on Earth, and is one of the most popular television shows in history, despite only being a few years old.

While most television shows and movies are shutting down production for the foreseeable future, due to the ongoing Hollywood writers and actors strike (they all want more money on top of their well-above-average salaries) “The Chosen” will continue onward and finish filming season four. It might one of the only new television shows we see in the next year or so.

You Can Help Change The World Around You, Just Like Angel Studios Changed Hollywood

Choosing our future president is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. Your right to vote is as powerful as it gets in our democracy, so who do you want to vote for? (LEARN MORE: Kamala Harris Officially The Lowest-Rated VP In History)

Better yet, what policies and platforms are most important to you? Along with the president, there are thousands of elected officials across America who work for you. What do you want them working on?

Tell them today! Sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550) for the easiest means of getting in touch with your elected officials. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed, and take action to protect our beautiful nation.


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