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Kamala Harris Officially The Lowest-Rated VP In History

Vice President Kamala Harris broke records, Monday, as the lowest-rated VP in history (or at least since polling became a thing).

The poll was conducted by NBC and found Harris to have a net-negative rating of -17, the lowest vice presidential rating of the poll. “We did it, Joe!” some funny folks shared on social media after the news broke, but what does Harris and her haters mean for America?

It is time to choose a candidate who speaks to you

“Biden placed Harris as his point person in charge of the southern border and passing HR1 — the Democrats’ election takeover bill — the former an abysmal failure, and the latter a nonstarter in Congress,” Family Research Council director Matt Carpenter told the Washington Stand. “As unpopular as Biden is, his administration has seen movement on their legislative agenda. Too bad for Harris, none of that success has been attributed to her efforts.”

Carpenter noted that another reason for her lack of popularity is likely due to Harris’s “bizarre speeches, complete with circular reasoning and poorly-timed laughter — often described as ‘cackling.’”

Right now, President Joe Biden is refusing to let any other Democrat debate him, and may not even allow a primary vote to occur before the 2024 presidential election. This means that Democrats, and possibly all Americans, will not be allowed to take part in a legal, ethical, free, or fair election in 2024.

You deserve better, America

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