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‘The Chosen’ Production Makes Major Announcement

“The Chosen” is officially in production for season four, and will be translated into at least 600 languages!

“The Chosen” production team announced in late March that production of season four is underway! With director Dallas Jenkins at the helm, we’re so ready for what looks to be a very intense season.

Season four will be filmed on a 900-acre set near Midlothian, Texas, according to Christian Headlines. The set apparently includes a 30,000-square-foot sound stage, and a huge replica first-century village.

“It feels like you’re in Capernaum, 2,000 years ago,” Noah James, who portrays Andrew, told Christian Headlines. “It’s unbelievable. …You feel like you can really seep yourself in the time and feel the authenticity.”

With more than 100 million viewers worldwide, we’re not surprised! This is the most important story humanity will know. Of course its going to have a huge production. (LEARN MORE: ‘I Will Not Deny My Faith’: Huge Actor Speaks Out About Religion In Hollywood)

“The Chosen” stats that will blow your mind:

“The Chosen” has been streamed at least 500 million times, and seen by more than 100 million people since the first season dropped in 2017.

The show has been translated into 600 languages. Even people in China love “The Chosen,” despite their tyrannical governmental treatment of Christians.

It’s the largest crowd-funded media project in history. CBS called it a “global phenomenon,” and we at Change.MillionVoices agree.

Did you see “The Chosen” cast discussing the biggest scene in the show so far?

When will “The Chosen” season four be released?

Right now, Angel Studios believe that season four will be available in 2024. If you haven’t watched the whole thing yet, what are you waiting for?

“The Chosen” is available via Angel Studio’s website, as well as Netflix, Roku, Tubi, Peacock, and more.

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