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Criminology Professor Who ‘Proved’ Systematic Racism Fired Over Faking Data

Criminology professor Eric Stewart, 51, from Florida State University, was fired from his position and had all of his research retracted after it was discovered he falsified his data, according to the Post Millennial.

The FSU Tallahassee professor’s work has been removed after being cited more than 8,500 times by other researchers. And his official termination letter described how Stewart’s work has “been shown to contain numerous erroneous and false narratives,” the outlet described, citing the letter itself. Stewart was also the WEB DuBois fellow for the National Institute of Justice, but is now out of the position due to “extreme negligence and incompetence.”

What His School Had To Say

“The details of problematic data management, false results, and the numerous publication retractions have negatively affected the discipline on a national level,” FSU Provost James J. Clark wrote in the July 13 letter. (LEARN MORE: EPA Won’t Search For Toxins In East Palestine Because They Know They’ll Find It, Expert Says)

“The damage to the standing of the University and, in particular, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and its faculty approaches the catastrophic and may be unalterable.” Clark added, “I do not see how you can teach our students to be ethical researchers or how the results of future research projects conducted by you could be deemed as trustworthy adding that six of the studies had been retracted while his other work was “in doubt.”

The Hypocrisy

Stewart also oversaw FSU’s Academic Honor Policy Hearing Committee, where he decided whether other students had the right to continue their education if they were thought to be cheating or acting dishonestly.

His lies and untruths earned him an annual salary of $190,000 a year, and he brought in millions of dollars from grants to uphold the falsification of his research.

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If you care about academic honesty and integrity, tell your local representatives today. We can’t let people manipulate the data that upholds our way of life.

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