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Biden Receives Mass Democrat Criticism Over Inability To Address Border Crisis

A report published by the Washington Examiner, Wednesday, shed light on the bipartisan criticism President Joe Biden and his Administration have received in relation to the ongoing border crisis.

“I’ve heard directly from leaders in our border communities and it’s abundantly clear that they, through no fault of their own, are simply unequipped to handle the surge of migrants that are expected when Title 42 ends,” Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego said in a statement.

“They need tangible resources like buses, beds, personnel, and funds to both process asylum claims in an orderly way and keep their communities safe. It is imperative the Biden administration work directly, in real-time, with these communities to support them in every way they need. That’s why I’m reaching out to federal officials to make sure they know exactly what Arizona needs. With Title 42 set to end on May 11, we need the Biden administration to act, and to act fast.”

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Democrats Dismayed At Biden’s Border Crisis

Joining Gallego in his statements was Arizona Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly, who does not “have a high level of confidence” in Biden’s plans to deal with the additional surge once Title 42 ends, the WE noted.

Arizona Independent Sen. Krysten Sinema joined Kelly in sending a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in early May, demanding additional funding for nonprofits and border communities to help mitigate the impacts.

Letter Writing Works

The letter resulted in $45.4 million in additional funding to ensure migrants aren’t released on mass into border communities. Did you know that you, your family and friends can send letters directly to your elected officials today? (LEARN MORE: ‘She Can’t Do Dirt’: Million Voices CEO Hilarious Commentary On Kamala Harris Will Have You Roaring)

Letter writing campaigns, or even just a single letter, can be enough to sway policy. So what do you care about and want changed? Let us know, and we’ll send the letters to the right representatives for you.

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