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Republicans Launch Huge Investigations Into Biden, His Family, And His Actions In Office

Republicans launch huge investigations in order to exercise their new subpoena power as leaders of the 118th Congress. Amazingly, they almost all focus on real issues that matter to Americans.

Each of the committees or subcommittees is focused on investigating an aspect of the Biden Administration, Biden Family, and/or larger global actions and events that could contribute to the impeachment of President Joe Biden. Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said in 2022 that he has yet to see any grounds for impeaching Biden, articles have already been introduced against the president and other members of his cabinet, according to the New York Times.

One such special subcommittee was created by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan to investigate the “weaponization” of government, the NYT reported in another article. This resolution establishing the subcommittee gives those on the panel a wide jurisdictional scope to see how federal agencies have collected, analyzed, and used data on Americans.

The purpose of the committee is to focus on efforts to suppress conservatives at all levels, including from protestors and school board meetings all the way to Former President Trump, the NYT noted. Democrats have already come out against the committee, calling it a means to protect those involved in the events of Jan. 6.

However, Jan. 6. is getting its own treatment by various committees in 2023. The Oversight Committee and Judiciary Committee and new subcommittees might be involved, but that remains to be seen.

The Biden Family business will also be investigated by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, led by Kentucky Republican Rep. James R. Comer. While Comer and his team may use evidence taken from First Son Hunter Biden’s laptop, he said publicly that “this is an investigation of Joe Biden.”

Other subcommittees may also support investigations of the Biden Family business, under the purpose of strengthening federal ethics laws. If any of these investigations matter to you, and you want your voice heard in Washington D.C., now is the time to sign up to Or, you can text MV to 80550 to find out more about ensuring these committees speak for you and your family.


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