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More Than 200 Students Baptized Tuesday During Spontaneous Revival At US University

More than 200 students were baptized Tuesday at Auburn University, Alabama, at a spontaneous revival worship.

Roughly 5,000 students gathered near the university’s Red Barn, Tuesday, where six pastors helped baptize the young people, the Washington Times reported. One of those pastors was the school’s own football coach, Hugh Freeze. Some 2,000 to 2,500 students stood up, saying they wanted to be baptized, and many were. (LEARN MORE: 100s Baptized As Revivals Erupt Across America)

The event was organized and designed to help students who are still struggling with various pressures in campus life after the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had stories of kids who were isolated in their closet and just feeling like they can’t cope, they can’t go on, they don’t want to live another day,” Tonya Prewett, wife of assistant basketball coach and principal organizer Chad Prewett told the outlet. “And some who are bound by addictions that they think can’t seem to get free from and it’s just keeping them full of shame and isolation.”

God Wants To Heal This Nation

“I do believe that God wants to heal this nation of mental health things, of the bondage that students find themselves in and just kind of the crisis is going on around our nation,” Mrs. Prewett continued. “I believe that that will happen through prayer and through God moving across this nation.”

What is the 3rd Great Awakening

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