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Are We In The 3rd Great Awakening?

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this video from Million Voices about the 3rd Great Awakening.

“I believe that Awakening is a lot of times is preceded by difficult times, by hardships,” Million Voices found John Graves said during an interview published in late 2022. “There’s been two Great Awakenings in this country, and they both righted a grave injustice.”

The first great injustice was the tyranny of England, and the pressure placed on America to be part of the British monarchy and parliament rule. We all know how that one turned out in the end! The second Great Awakening was slavery, Graves explained during the interview. (LEARN MORE: Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon)

“[Slavery] was a great blight on our nation. There was a debate from the beginning, a lot of people don’t understand that,” Graves continued. Hundreds of thousands of White men and women died in order to free their Black brothers and sisters.

What About The Third Great Awakening?

We strongly encourage you to watch this short, 1min 55second video where Graves details the nuance of what we’re seeing in today’s society, and how these truths are emerging into the Third Great Awakening. (LEARN MORE: ‘Respect Our Pronouns’ Bill Successfully Challenged By First Amendment Rights)

Awakenings throughout history have never been defined as a single moment in time. There is never one single day that changes the course of our future forever. A Great Awakening takes long-term collective action and consciousness to create, and that is what we are going through today.

Are you part of the Third Great Awakening?

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