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Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon

A post shared by Asbury Revival gave all of us here at Million Voices the most wonderful, inspiring chills, and we’re sure it will for you too.

The beautiful Christian revival is taking place at Asbury University in Kentucky, and encompasses a number of denominations, including Protestant, bible-based groups, Catholics, and more. What we see in this one particular video is the result of what was meant to be a small prayer service in early February.

It rapidly ballooned into a beautiful Christian phenomenon, spurring people of faith to come from near and far to worship together. According to Breitbart, people from  Purdue University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ohio Christian University, Transylvania University, Lee University, Georgetown College, and countless others, but visitors have also come from farther still, places like Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, and Indonesia, have all made their trek to the campus.

“You just know right away that God is there,” Father Norman Fischer, chaplain at Lexington Catholic High School told the outlet. “Hands were raised, people were singing, and all were in one accord.”

Asbury University president Kevin J. Brown furthered Father Fischer’s comments in a statement on the school website. “Since the first day, there have been countless expressions and demonstrations of radical humility, compassion, confession, consecration, and surrender unto the Lord,” he wrote.

Have you attended the Asbury Revival?

If so, let us know what you think! There’s no reason why we can’t create these beautiful centers of love, faith, and purpose in every college campus. All we have to do is come together in our unconditional love and faith.

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