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ESPN Host Says ‘Tremendous Men Of God’ Surrounded Him Throughout His Career

ESPN ‘College Gameday’ host Rece Davis told the Sports Spectrum Podcast that “tremendous men of God” surrounded him throughout his career, and helped hold him accountable.

Davis grew up in a churchgoing family; his father was a deacon at his local Church of Christ congregation, and his parents were the model of faith for him, according to the podcast. “I would be wanting to watch Monday Night Football, at least for a while until I had to go to bed. And I couldn’t – we didn’t do that until we had done our devotional that night,” he told host Jason Romano.

After he was baptized at 13, he stayed active in his faith. “People are watching you – regardless of your station in life, they’ll notice how you treat them. And it will reflect upon what you say you are,” he continued. “There might be someone listening who says, ‘Well, I can give you 15 examples of where Rece Davis wasn’t what he says he is’ – and they would probably be right about that.”

His ESPN Career

“I’ve been blessed to have a couple of guys that I’ve worked with that are just tremendous men of God and influences,” he said in reference to Hubert Davis, LaPhonso Ellis, David Pollack and Kirk Herbstreit. The men stay in touch regularly, often texting back and forth to check in on each other and to challenge each other. “I think all of that kind of helps if you start to get off track,” Davis noted.

When one of his co-hosts, Lee Corso, suffered serious health issues, there was a group who “stepped aside privately and prayed together for him…. And so having people like that around you, it helps.” (LEARN MORE: ‘I Feel Like God Put Me Here … to Call Out the Hypocrisy’: Former ESPN Host’s Powerful Choice)

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