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DeSantis Speaks Out On Potential Trump Arrest

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a statement shared online Monday regarding the potential arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Trump said Saturday that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday in relation to an ongoing investigation into a hush-money scheme, according to CNN. DeSantis, however, is less convinced about the actual arrest. He told a crowd that he’s heard rumors, but had more to say on the District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

DeSantis said that “the Manhattan District Attorney is a [George] Soros-funded prosecutor.” Soros is a foreign-born billionaire who currently owns a majority of progressive American politicians. Thanks to his support, almost every U.S. city has experienced huge crime spikes.

For some unknown reason, Soros absolutely loves to be soft on crime, according to the New York Post. He’s particularly supportive of criminals who abuse women, children, and the elderly, ensuring that many are released from prison early or are allowed to roam free after their arrests.

DeSantis outlined the issues with Soros and his despicable destruction of America in a video shared on Twitter:

All Elected Officials Can Behave Like DeSantis, And Stop The Soros-Funded Collapse Of America

“[Bragg], like other Soros-funded prosecutors, they weaponize their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety,” DeSantis said. Thanks to Bragg, Soros, and their cronies New York is experiencing one of the worst crime spikes in history.

What can you do today to Save Your City from Soros?

We have less than 2 years before the next election cycle. Ensure you’re not voting for people paid for by Soros by following our work here at Change.MillionVoices.

To contact your local representatives today with your Soros concerns, sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard.. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed.


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