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The Government Is Trying To Put Your Retirement In Non-Profitable Investments

An article published by the Wall Street Journal broke down how corporations who remain politically and social neutral far outperform those that lean left. Many companies who try to advance the leftist agenda fail to enhance profits for shareholders.

Democrats are trying to do the same with YOUR retirement fund.

“Woke capitalism makes its way into financial markets through an ill-defined concept known as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing,” the authors of the article explained. “Huge investment managers use their ownership of shares to pressure companies to jump on the ESG train. But while individual investors are free to support whatever causes they wish with their dollars, those who invest other peoples’ money have a fiduciary duty to focus solely on clients’ financial interests. Thus it’s important to know whether politically focused companies actually do produce superior financial results.” (LEARN MORE: ‘Threat To Our Freedom’: Governor Explains How Govt. Is Trying To Make Social Credit Scores Legal)

The authors used data from 2ndVote Analytics Inc., and found that ESG funds performed far worse than those that remain politically neutral. In fact, most woke companies lose 2.5% to 6.3%. And the same could be happening to your retirement fund.

‘Our Money Our Values’ Educates Americans On The Dangers Of ESG Policies

Americans don’t want their retirements spent fighting climate change. A poll conducted by CRC found that Americans want investment firms to focus on profits. ESG policies are not something we want. So why do they do it?

Ask Your Elected Officials Today

If you’re worried about investment banks losing your money on failed ESG policies, tell your elected officials today.

Some 71% of respondents to the CRC poll agreed with states that fired retirement fund companies that focused on politics over profits. If you want your state to follow suit, and ensure that your savings aren’t spent on failed climate policies, you need to contact your local representatives today.

If you’re not sure how to do that, sign up to Change.MillionVoices today OR (text MV to 80550) and share this article with your friends and family so we can unite as citizen lobbyists and peacefully fight for our freedoms.


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