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‘Threat To Our Freedom’: Governor Explains How Govt. Is Trying To Make Social Credit Scores Legal

South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that new legislation passed in her state is attempting to redefine “cryptocurrency” and “digital currency” as legitimate currency.

“We started reading through this bill that was over 110 pages long,” Noem explained to Carlson. “It was sold as an update to the guidelines of the Universal Commercial Code backed by all of our financial institutions, our banks. As we started reading through it, we saw the section of the bill that changed the definition of currency, and essentially what it did was paved the way for a government-led [Central Bank Digital Currency], and it also banned any other form of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or digital currency that existed. So for me, it very clearly was a threat to our freedom.”

Noem continued her segment by begging legislators to help “kill this bill once and for all.” But she didn’t just limit her statements to South Dakota.

“I’m telling you, Tucker. We’ve got the same language coming to over 20 other States,” Noem continued. “I believe it’s to pave a way for the federal government to control our currency and thus control people. It should be alarming to everyone, and it’s being sold as a UCC Guidelines Update.”

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