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Teacher Fired For Refusing To Lie To Student’s Parents

California teacher Jessica Tapia was fired from her tenured position after she refused to keep one of her student’s “gender pronouns” a secret from parents.

Tapia was a physical education teacher at Jurupa Valley High School for the last six years, and has reportedly had to deal with a lot in her position, as far as a report from RedState has to say. In 2022, she was “flagged” by the local school district, receiving a warning from administrators over the free speech she shared on her personal social media accounts.

Students apparently reported Tapia, a committed Christian, for exercising her constitutional right to freedom of speech on social media. In what appeared to be a coordinated campaign, students decided that Tapia’s perspectives were “unsafe” despite them literally not hurting a single person.

After what appeared to be a lot of back and forth, Tapia was fired in January for refusing to comply the district’s directives to hide mental health information on students from parents when the students claimed to be a different gender to that they were born as. (LEARN MORE: Warning For Parents: Extremists Continue To Push For The Inclusivity Of Child Sex Offenders)

Tapia refused to allow boys and men into girls locker rooms, even if they claimed to be “transgender.”

If you want to learn more about Tapia’s experiences, you can listen to her full interview with Kira Davis on the “Just Listen to Yourself” podcast. It turns out that the school didn’t even receive complaints about Tapia from parents, and the entire decision was based on a series of hypotheticals posed to her by the institution.

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