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Warning For Parents: Extremists Continue To Push For The Inclusivity Of Child Sex Offenders

In September 2022, PayPal and Venmo permanently banned a group fighting against child sexual offenders. At the same time, PayPal and Venmo allowed a group called Prostasia to keep using their services. These extremists push for the inclusivity of child sex offenders.

Prostasia is an organization attempting to normalize pedophilia or who they call “minor attracted people” (MAPs). The organization shot into the public eye after interviewing a university professor called Allyn Walker about her pro-pedophilia book.

The shocking move by PayPal/Venmo was largely overlooked by the mainstream news media because they are part of the far-leftist movement trying to rebrand adults who sexually abuse and exploit children as their own sexual orientation, and not the criminals they fundamentally are.

Some members of the MAPs community may claim to be “non-offending.” The reality is anyone with a proclivity based on sexual desire will act out on their urges. Even if these people are just going online to indulge their Satanic practices, they are perpetuating the cycle of abuse and exploitation of the children they find on the dark web.

Even those who’ve dedicated their career to evaluating and treating sex offenders in prisons have called pedophiles the “most vilified population of folks in our culture.” This is clearly not the case. For example….

We still haven’t seen any accountability, nor even an investigation into one of the most famous pedophiles in modern history: Jeffrey Epstein, and his many elite friends.

Normalizing pedophilia will doom modern society. Anyone who supports this and any other type of abuse or exploitation of children is not only hurting themselves, but they’re choosing hatred and harm over unconditional love and support.

Do you know what the law is when it comes to policing sexual abuse of children in your local jurisdiction? Don’t get caught out, contact your local representatives today so we can ensure that anyone who harms America’s most vulnerable people gets hit with the full extent of the law.

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