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Why America Is Rejecting The Trans Agenda

A poll from and McLaughlin & Associates found that America is rejecting the trans agenda by refusing the youth transgender movement. Americans feel young people are being too heavily influenced (manipulated) by strangers on social media.

Everyone should have their concerns about social media. It’s a space for people to be whoever they want. Bad actors flourish in their behaviors on social media, as we’ve learned from accounts like Libs of TikTok.

Thankfully, common sense is fighting back against irreversible damage caused by the youth transgender movement.

Sixty-five percent of respondents to the believed that the movement has gone too far by encouraging children to make life-altering decisions with drugs and surgery. They further believe the medical industry is exploiting youth for their own financial gain.

“The burning question is, why are so many people silent if they believe the transgender movement is harming kids? What will it take for Americans to overcome the intimidation and say, ‘Enough is enough?’” President of Dr. Jeff Myers said in a statement accompanying the poll.

Countless support groups for parents of so-called “transgender” children. “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” one parent told the New York Post in 2022.

“We face teachers going behind our backs, radical trans activists trying to doxx us, we face gender clinics pumping our kids full of hormones and we face our college-age daughters coming home for Christmas with no breasts. I’m a liberal. I believed it all at first. But this is the emperor’s new clothes, designed to hurt children.”

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Many doctors prescribe children Lupron, the same drug used to chemically castrate pedophiles, as discussed in an interview with transgender research expert Matt Walsh (Daily Wire). They are legally allowed to do this, despite there being no long-term research on the impact these drugs have on children’s bodies.

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