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NFL Star Sparks Heated Debate After Powerful Graduation Speech

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker went viral after giving a commencement speech to Georgia Institute of Technology graduates in which he stated that personal wealth and success did not bring him any fulfilment.

The speech is not only humble and funny, but delivered a powerful message to the graduating class. He joked that he is not very good at speaking publicly, he just happens to be “blessed by God” and is good at kicking a funny shaped ball, but then his words turned into something absurdly beautiful.

“I don’t care if you have a successful career. I don’t care if you have a big bank account or you fly private,” Butker told the crowd with a huge smile on his face. He went on to say that it doesn’t matter what anyone attains, none of it will mean anything if you are alone and devoid of purpose.

Watch Butker’s Speech In Full

“I’m not sure the root of this, but at least I can offer one controversial antidote that I believe will have a lasting impact for generations to come — get married and start a family,” Butker told the school. (LEARN MORE: Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon)

“None of these accomplishments mean anything compared to the happiness I have found in my marriage and in starting a family … My confidence as a husband and father, and yes, even as a football player is rooted in my marriage with my wife.”

What Do You Think Of Butker’s Speech?

It’s so strange that anyone would feel anything but impressed by Butker’s speech. Sure, he touched on some stuff that narcissistic people don’t want to hear, but who cares? (LEARN MORE: Superstar Chance The Rapper Delivers ‘Christian Performance’ At Student-Led Event)

We’re in the middle of a Great Awakening, and Butker’s speech is one of the most powerful anyone can hear today. It’s beautiful, and all young people should be raised with these values.

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