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Superstar Chance The Rapper Delivers ‘Christian Performance’ At Student-Led Event

All we seem to see in the news these days are stories of progressive students physically attacking, insulting, and assaulting conservatives on college and school campuses. But boy, do we have more Good News for you today from our Great Awakening series!

More than 30,000 people made their way to the University of Oklahoma’s stadium in late April for  the “Fill The Stadium” event, the largest student-led evangelist event ever held in the U.S. And Grammy-award-winning artist Chance the Rapper was in attendance!

Students Fight For Their Right To Freedom

Pulse founder and evangelist Nick Hall helped organize the OU students for the event. Requests were repeatedly denied by OU’s administration, but eventually God’s Word won, Church Leaders reported.

Hall told the outlet that the FTS event is the result of the student’s staying strong and protecting their faith. “Their hearts are seeing their friends come to Jesus,” he said of the situation. (LEARN MORE: Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon)

Some 3,200 people gave response to the gospel at FTS on Saturday night, following Hall’s message being shared on social media. “I was so blessed to be able to get to go to this with my partner, who is just now opening up to God and this was such a good message for him to hear. He absolutely loved it,” one social media user wrote in response to the video.

The Great Awakening Is Here

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