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Is Woke Hollywood Turning Against Zelenskyy And Supporting The War?

The 2023 Academy Awards have rejected a bid by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to appear at the ceremony, Variety reported on Thursday.

Oscars producer Will Packer allegedly rejected Zelenskyy’s bid for a second year in a row because the war in Ukraine against Russia is only killing white people, Variety continued. Similarly, the Toronto Film Festival doesn’t want Zelenskyy there either.

Variety — a major news outlet for the entertainment industry — even went so far as to cite a Pew Research Poll that found American’s across the political spectrum don’t support the war like they used to. Just the fact Variety made this point suggests the tide is turning against Zelenskyy, Ukraine, and being involved in their situation at all.

With a wealth of issues here at home, we want our politicians focused on We The People. (READ MORE: Biden Visits Ukraine Instead Of Helping American Citizens In East Palestine, Ohio)

Our President doesn’t seem to care about domestic issues.

Biden will gladly send his voter’s money to fund wars in foreign nations. He’ll also ignore major crises facing those who voted him into power. The news is the latest in a slew that suggest American sentiment is changing quickly against the far-leftist Democrat demands.

Are we in our 3rd Great Awakening?

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