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Dr. Ben Carson Details How Communism Has Won US Politics

Former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson gave a speech at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington D.C. where he warned conservatives about how communism has won America.

Carson read aloud from the list of “Current Communist Goals” from the Congressional Record of January 10. 1963. He noted that the purpose was to “capture one or both political parties.” Carson pointed out that they’ve “done a good job there,” reflecting upon how the communists clearly started with the Democratic Party.

From there, communists wanted to “get control of the schools” and teacher’s associations in order to transmit “socialism and current communist propaganda.” Again, this seems to have been successful.

Radio, TV, and Entertainment

Communists also wanted to gain control of our entertainment industry and airwaves, pushing their narrative through as many creative outlets as possible.

Later installments of the “Current Communist Goals” list included an effort to “discredit the family as an institution” and “encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.” The purpose being to take away children from their families in order to indoctrinate them under any means necessary.

The System Needs To Be Fixed … By God

“If our system is going to be fixed, it is going to be we the people,” Carson added, encouraging those assembled to “be courageous” and “vote the right way.” Courage, he continued, comes from God.

“If we’re going to be the land of the free, we must also be the home of the brave,” Carson told the crowd, and he’s correct.

You deserve better, America

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