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Busing Illegal Immigrants To Blue Cities Creates ‘Political Disaster’ For Biden

Sending illegal immigrants to blue cities like Chicago and New York has created an “impossible position” for Biden to get out of, according to an article written by Mike LaChance for The Gateway Pundit.

As many outlets have correctly reported in the last years, America’s southern border with Mexico is far from secure, despite consistent claims by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that there is no problem. KJP’s claims have painted Biden into a corner, LaChance argued. (LEARN MORE: DHS Hides Number Of Illegal Immigrants Released Into US After Border Agent Encounters)

Growing unrest in major cities like New York and Chicago has been spurred on by the bussing of these illegal immigrants to these Democrat strongholds. And the narrative is finally flipping on the Biden Administration’s lack of action to secure our borders.

Democrats Are Angry, And They Know Who To Blame

Axios noted that tensions between Biden and local Democrats are coming to a head, as American simply doesn’t have the services or money to support illegal immigrants. We never did (especially as Biden keeps sending millions of our dollars to Ukraine).

It’s clear that Biden has created a problem for his voters, and for those being trafficked via his border policies. But he won’t do anything about it, because that would mean admitting he was wrong. And that won’t happen. (LEARN MORE: Biden Auctions Off Border Wall Building Materials As Cartels Murder And Traffic Innocent People)

Who Will Help Secure Our Borders And Restore Peace?

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