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Biden Auctions Off Border Wall Building Materials As Cartels Murder And Traffic Innocent People

The Department of Homeland Security released data Friday that showed immigrant apprehensions at the border shot up by 33% in July when compared to June. Despite the flow of illegal immigrants, largely trafficked across the border by cartels, the Biden Administration is ensuring that the border wall is destroyed, according to The Washington Stand.

Despite the soaring numbers, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas likely lied to Congress when he claimed in July that “unlawful entries… have consistently decreased.” His lie may have been built off the inaccurate data gathered by his department, but it still misguided the public as to the threat of cartel operations in the U.S. (LEARN MORE: ‘She Can’t Do Dirt’: Million Voices CEO Hilarious Commentary On Kamala Harris Will Have You Roaring)

Auctioning Off Border Wall Materials

To make matters worse, the Biden Administration is auctioning off border wall materials. Roughly $154 million worth has been sold thus far, leaving states like Arizona to use old shipping containers to try and quell the flow of criminal activity.

Biden’s action speak louder to cartels, telling them he’s happy for their behavior to continue, and he has no plans to curb it. That leaves states vulnerable, as well as the children, women, and men who are trafficked in and out of America for sexual slavery. (RELATED: More Than 800,000 Illegal Border Crossers Released Into U.S. Without Any Recourse By Biden Administration)

Inviting China To The Chaos

“The Biden administration are champion supporters of a number of things, [among which is] this false notion that you can have a nation without borders,” former Cincinnati Mayor Ken Blackwell told the outlet. “We’ve seen not only an increase in border crossings, we’ve seen an increase in ‘gotaways,’ we’ve seen a marked increase … in the number of military age Chinese [nationals] coming into the country. Our chief adversaries are laughing at this clown car called the Biden administration.”

“What we see is an administration that is keen on expanding the welfare state, denigrating citizenship, and creating [an increase in] not only the numbers of folks who are wards of the state, but folks who are hooked on the largesse of the federal government. [W]hat [the Biden administration is] doing is expanding the voter pool for supporting the expansion of the welfare state, which is controlled by the elite of the administrative state,” he continued.

What Can You Do To Stop This Crisis?

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