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Attendees Recite Lord’s Prayer At School Board Meeting After Attempted Censorship

President of a Virginia school board was asked to clarify its policy on the Lord’s Prayer during an August 10 meeting, and told attendees they were not allowed to recite the prayer publicly.

Resident Angela Kilgore gave a public comment at the school district meeting, and asked if she could use the rest of her allotted time to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

“I apologize, we can’t do that,” Board Chair Tyron Riddick told Kilgore. When Kilgore pushed back, saying she’d like to “pray for our students in school,” things got heated, according to The Christian Post. Riddick eventually tried to order Kilgore to get back to her topic, to which she said the Lord’s Prayer “is my topic.”

Inviting Others To Join

In a beautiful display of her faith, Kilgore asked those in attendance to join her inn prayer. “I’d invite you because I think that that’s the only way that we’re going to come together is through God and our faith,” she told the room.

As Riddick asked the school district attorneys to do something, Kilgore and others began to pray. Riddick then asked officers to remove her. Riddick then tried to claim he had nothing but respect for prayer and “the book” despite all his actions saying otherwise. (LEARN MORE: School To Pay $80,000 For Silencing Christians)

Potential Legal Action

Attorneys from Founding Freedom Law Center and the First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the board on September 5., “urging members to update their public comment policies to reflect the right of religious citizens to express their viewpoint without fear of censorship.”

“The First Amendment prohibits a school board from silencing a citizen’s prayer out of phantom concerns over violating the Establishment Clause,” one of the attorneys from FFLC noted. “We hope the school board will clarify its policy and we’d be happy to assist in ensuring that the constitutional rights of religious citizens are protected.” (LEARN MORE: UN Warns World That Terror Groups Are Gaining Strength, And May Bring New Threats To Christians)

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