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UN Warns World That Terror Groups Are Gaining Strength, And May Bring New Threats To Christians

A United Nations monitoring team warned that terror groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and others, are growing in strength through Afghanistan since President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal operation, CBN reported.

“The Taliban have been cooperating with Al Qaeda – has been supporting and sheltering Al Qaeda. It did it during the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and it continues to this day,” Foundation for Defense of Democracy’s “Long War Journal” Bill Roggio told CBN. The news comes just two years since the withdrawal, wherein current American leadership promised that Afghanistan would not become a haven for terrorists.

“The camp in Nuristan, United Nations notes, that Al Qaeda is training terrorists to conduct suicide operations,” Roggio continued. “All of the locations that the U.N. notes where Al Qaeda is running training camps, safe houses, and its media operations, I’ve tracked over the last decade and a half, Al Qaeda having a presence there. Senior Al Qaeda leaders, operatives and low-level fighters have been killed in all these provinces.”

How Does This Impact Christians?

“Afghan Christians are literally moving from house to house. They’ve switched off their phones,” Lindisfarne Center for the Study of Christian Persecution told CBN. “The Taliban follow a code of Islam called the ‘Hanahfi Code,’ which basically says any adult male who is deemed to be a convert, who’ve left Islam, gets three days to repent and if not, then executed. Under Al Qaeda, it’s simple execution on the spot for Christians.”

Anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 Christians may still be stuck in Afghanistan today. And attacks from terror organizations may easily spread well outside of the nation’s borders, putting Christians at risk the world over.

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