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‘1 Million March For Children’ Across Canada, Trudeau Slams His Citizens For ‘Hate’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned thousands of his citizens for marching to protect children from sexualization, Wednesday.

Thousands of parents took part in the “1 Million March for Children” in Canada to protect their children from oversexualization and indoctrination in public schools, according to CBN. “There’s a lot of political rhetoric going on right now about what’s happening in our schools,” one marcher told CBC. “I think it’s important that we keep kids out of these important discussions that really are between parents and their children. Teachers and institutions, unions, big money, they shouldn’t be having these types of conversations with kids in such an overt fashion.” (LEARN MORE: More Than 3,500 Children Received Gender Mutilation Surgery In 3-Year Span)

“We Do Not Co-Parent With The Government”

Videos shared from the protests show thousands of people marching in Ottawa to show their concerns for the explicit sexual content being shared with their children within public schools.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clearly does not understand how important this is to his citizens. “Let me make one thing very clear: Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have no place in this country,” Trudeau said of the marches. “We strongly condemn this hate and its manifestations, and we stand united in support of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians across the country – you are valid and you are valued.”

The march was not against LGBTQ people. It was against the sexualization of children. That’s why people from all denominations, religions, and belief were out in swing. (LEARN MORE: Republican Gov. Pulls PBS Funding Over ‘Indoctrination And Over-Sexualization’ Of Children)

“We’re gonna bring Canadians together again because Canadians have been protesting from coast to coast organically … We brought together Protestant Christians and Catholics and evangelicals and Muslims and then they’re coming together to protect Canada’s kids. Isn’t that lovely?” One event organizer said of another event.

Do you have parental rights in your state?

By contacting your local representatives today, you can protect children in your state from sexual indoctrination in their public schools.

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