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Stanford University Student Prompts Formal Administrative Intervention For Reading A Book

Just when you thought universities couldn’t get more crazy, Stanford University in California launched an investigation after a student was photographed reading Adolf Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf” and someone filed a formal report on them.

While Hilter is arguably one of the most evil, sadistic, tyrannical monsters in history, simply reading his book should not cause as much stress as it clearly did at Stanford. A local news outlet stated that administrators were working “swiftly” with the students involved to “address the incident.”

The only reason that someone reading a book caused so much mayhem is because those reporting them used the Protected Identity Harm system. This is a process that Stanford uses to address student and community members who claim to have been attacked on the ground of their identity.

For example, if a Christian was beaten up by a group of individuals screaming anti-Christian slurs, someone could report the incident through the Protected Identity Harm system. Apparently reading a book is the same to Stanford as a legitimate hate crime.

While the Protected Identity Harm system is not a judicial or truly investigative process, according to Stanford’s Office of Stanford Affairs, it does attempt to “provide a path to resolution for the affective individuals.”

Journalists at The Fire argued that that the system is in place “to target and reform views students or administrators dislike, while cloaking it as a purely educational exercise.” The outlet further noted that:

“The power differential between university administrators and students is significant. When the Office of Student Affairs, which has disciplinary authority, formally contacts a student about a complaint filed about their conduct and asks them to engage in a reconciliation process to address alleged harm, that student is unlikely to interpret the request as genuinely voluntary. Rather, such an invitation strongly suggests a student’s actions were problematic, and they may accordingly self-censor.” (LEARN MORE: DOJ Sues Big Tech Platform Over Advertising And Censorship)

Censorship in America’s educational institutions, who take your tax dollars to fund their existence, is a huge concern. The moment our students are normalized to limiting their knowledge of history, we are doomed to repeat it.

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