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Private Research Suggests New York Abortionists Have Killed At Least 38 Women

Private research compiled and published by the Washington Stand, Monday, found that New York abortionists have killed potentially more than 38 women since the 1980s.

The report details multiple examples of women and girls as young as 13-years-old who died with undergoing so-called “safe and legal” abortions in the state. “Abortion is the original quackery. Abortion is a mercenary industry preying on women in crisis for profit and power,” CompassCare CEO Rev. Jim Harden told the outlet. “I have said for years that the abortion industry represents serial medical malpractice.”

The figures provided by the Washington Stand do not include any abortions or deaths that took place in the nation’s largest group, Planned Parenthood. (LEARN MORE: North Carolina Prohibits Elective Abortions After 12 Weeks)

Underage Girls and Immigrants Appear To Be Highly At-Risk

The report detailed numerous accounts of young girls, far under the age of consent, who died after their unborn child’s body parts were left inside of their bodies. In other instances, women were poisoned by overdoses of anesthesia, side effects of various “abortion” pills, heart attacks, and lacerations to internal systems during procedures.

States Continue To Fund Abortion Clinics While Ignoring Attacks On Crisis Centers

States like New York continue to fund abortion clinics through taxpayers like you, while ignoring repeated attacks against crisis centers — none of which have ever left a mother and child dead.

What can you do to protect the lives of the unborn today?

Your voice is saving the lives of the unborn. Even if you don’t live in New York, you can tell your lawmakers that your vote depends on their work to protect Life. (LEARN MORE: 32,000 Fewer Abortions Happened After Roe v. Wade Was Overturned, Report States)

Contact your local lawmakers today and tell them how important Life is to your vote. Sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed.


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