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More Than 80,000 Illegal Immigrants May Soon Have Drivers Licenses In One State

Roughly 81,000 illegal immigrants will soon be eligible for drivers licenses in Minnesota, according to The Epoch Times.

“The Driver’s License for All (DL4All) law will allow Minnesotans to begin the process of getting a standard Class D instruction permit or driver’s license or a standard identification card. The law eliminates the need to show proof of legal presence in the United States,” Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) website states. All those eligible for the program will be able to get their U.S. licenses on October 1, 2023.

The department has no plans to submit application information to immigration officials, DPS director Jody-Kay Peterson said at a news conference, the outlet noted.

Designed By Democrats

The new law was designed by Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz in March. Typically, getting a drivers license requires multiple forms of proof that an individual is either a citizen or in the country under a legal status. (LEARN MORE: DHS Hides Number Of Illegal Immigrants Released Into US After Border Agent Encounters)

Those without legal status were previously not allowed to get a license in Minnesota. Laws pertaining to this prohibition stemmed from the attacks on 9/11, and were enacted by then-Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Some Are Happy. Most Are Not.

While Democrats insist the new law will make roads in Minnesota safer, others have voiced concerns. Making it easier for illegal immigrants to live in Minnesota may encourage more to move there, and enables potential terrorists to fly into the country illegally. (LEARN MORE: More Than 800,000 Illegal Border Crossers Released Into U.S. Without Any Recourse By Biden Administration)

“What in your bill prevents that terrorist from coming to Minnesota, getting a driver’s license, and getting on an airline and committing a terrorist act?” Republican State Senator Glenn Gruenhagen asked his Democrat colleagues. They were unable to answer with anything more than saying illegal immigrants will have to show proof of identity, which does not mitigate terrorist threats.

What Can You Do To Stop This Crisis?

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