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More Than 100 Clergy Pray For Rep. Jim Jordan As He Resurrects ‘Church Committee’

In 1975, a senate committee known as the “Church Committee” were responsible for the largest public disclosure of corruption within federal agencies in history. Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is resurrecting this committee in the hopes of eradicating corruption in the federal government.

The committee is called the “Weaponization of Government” House Select Committee, according to FrontlinesOhio. On Wednesday, more than 100 faith leaders came together in a call to prayer over Jordan as he investigates the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.


“As leading clergymen from one hundred-nine diverse multi-denominational congregations across the Buckeye Bible Belt, we are calling Ohioans to publicly repent for the sins of our nation,” Pastor John Bouqet told Frontlines Ohio of the proclamation. “We believe ALMIGHTY GOD has selected Jim Jordan as His instrument of justice and righteousness (Amos 5:24) to confront the hidden works of evil.

“The Department of Justice has smeared parents as domestic terrorists, criminalized their speech, and unlawfully marshaled federal law enforcement resources to silence parents and other private citizens. We are seeing a weaponized federal government targeting anyone who expresses their disapproval of public school policies and curricula ranging from oppressive COVID-19 mask rules and divisive Critical Race Theory, to radical gender ideology,” Bouqet continued.

‘Bring accountability and transparency’

The purpose of the proclamation is to “call Ohioans to a season of corporate prayer, and to petition the HEAVENLY FATHER to bless and sustain Congressman Jim Jordan. As our nation is on the brink of federal government tyranny, we agree to pray for him and his committee that they would have supernatural strength and fortitude to expose the two-tiered system of justice and to bring accountability and transparency to agencies that have been weaponized against the very people they are supposed to protect,” Pastor J.C. Church added.

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