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Hate Crimes Against Catholics Spike

Hate crimes against Catholics have spiked in Canada, Breitbart reported Thursday. Data published by Cardus, a Christian non-profit based in Canada, found that the largest spike in hate crimes across any religious group was focused on Catholics in recent years.

Since the start of 2020, numerous Catholic Churches have been vandalized or burned down under “suspicious circumstances,” Breitbart noted. Though all religious groups have experienced a rise in hate crimes, Catholics spiked the highest.

“The rise of religious hate crimes is occurring against a backdrop of increasingly negative public attitudes toward the contributions of religion and faith communities to Canada,” Cardus wrote in their report.

Are these attacks rising because The 3rd Great Awakening is happening?

Now is the time to stand in His Light and profess your love for His Word. Persecution is bound to increase when our strength and numbers start to soar, and we can long outlast any attacks against us if we all come together. (LEARN MORE: How ‘Restoring Faith In America’ Helps Open Doors To Expressing Your Faith Without Fear)

“Majority opinions are not necessarily linked to hate crimes, of course — only a tiny fraction of Canadians commit hate crimes,” the Cardus report continued. “Yet it is reasonable to assume that those who are accused of religious hate crimes may be emboldened by a declining respect for or acceptance of religion and religious persons.”

Make sure your political leaders respect your freedom of religion

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