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CDC Recommends All Americans Get The New COVID-19 Vaccine, Despite Adviser Concerns

All but one of the 14 advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on September 12 that all Americans should receive at least one of the COVID-19 vaccinations, according to The Epoch Times.

“CDC is now recommending updated COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 6 months and older to better protect you and your loved ones,” CDC Director Mandy Cohen said in a statement regarding the decision. The new vaccines will be rolled out in mid-September, and apparently targets new variants of the virus.

Only one adviser said the new vaccine seemed unnecessary. “”I certainly think that 65 and older should because of the data presented, and certainly other high-risk groups should, but I think the rest should be ‘may,'” Dr. Pablo Sanchez said of the decision. He was overruled by 13 others.

Only 14 People Were Asked To Verify The Data

It’s unclear why only 14 people were asked to advise on the rolling out of the new vaccines. And there doesn’t seem to be any any data recently released that suggests the new vaccines have undergone enough research to be applicable to all Americans.

Roughly 400 people aged 12 or older have apparently already received the vaccine, but none of the data related to this testing is available. (LEARN MORE: Florida Surgeon General Goes Off On COVID-19 Vaccines)

We Are Paying For This Vaccine

“The government is again paying for millions of doses of the vaccines. It is paying Pfizer $1 billion and Moderna $601 million for 20 million pediatric doses alone,” the outlet wrote. The man who helped created the vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, said there was a lack of data supporting the decision to provide the vaccination to every American.

There is also no data on how the vaccines impact children. (LEARN MORE: New Study Suggest Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Heart Damage More Often Than Previously Considered)

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