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California Democratic Gov. Won’t Accept Responsibility For Closing Churches While Hollywood Stayed Open During Pandemic

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom was confronted Sunday by “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd about his choice to shut down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic, while allowing Hollywood to continue almost as usual.

“You found a way to allow the motion picture industry and the movie industry to get back to work, but you didn’t allow people to grieve together at funerals or at churches,” Todd stated in a surprise turn of events for the typically-liberal host. “This is this anger between the populace and the elites: Here you prioritize this industry, but you were tougher on those that just wanted to go worship.”

Newsom was quick to refute any responsibility for his actions. “I think there’s a lot of humility,” Newsom responded. “And we didn’t know what we didn’t know. And it was hardly ‘I’, it was ‘we’ collectively. I think all of us, in terms of our collective wisdom, we’ve evolved.” (LEARN MORE: EPA Won’t Search For Toxins In East Palestine Because They Know They’ll Find It, Expert Says)

It Is Unclear Where Or How Newsom Has “Evolved”

“So think about what you ended up collectively prioritizing,” Todd replied, bluntly. “You prioritized an industry, one specific one, but then didn’t prioritize ones whose maybe values you didn’t connect with.”

Again, Newsom refused to accept responsibility and apologize for his behavior. “All of us went through a process,” he continued. “I mean, there was a few states  that didn’t go on aggressive lockdowns, including Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

The Segment Continued…

…and Newsom never apologized or accepted his role in California’s devastating lockdowns, which purposefully targeted religious groups. Is this really the type of leadership the people of California deserve? (LEARN MORE: New Study Suggest Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Heart Damage More Often Than Previously Considered)

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