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‘Bidenflation’ To Last At Least 12-18 Months, Chief Economist Says

The current economic crisis, nicknamed “Bidenflation,” is going to be around for at least the next 12-18 months, according to Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi.

Zandi told CBS News on Tuesday that “things are going to start to wobble and break and it’s going to feel uncomfortable,” largely due to mismanagement by the Federal Reserve. But the current crisis is also the result of unimaginable greed by market makers and corrupt politicians, who’ve been able to make huge amounts of money from suspected insider trading.

His commentary largely focused on the moves made by the Fed in recent months. “That’s what bumpy looks like. … When you raise interest rates and you raise them as fast as the Fed has and as high as they have over the past year, things are going to start to wobble and break and it’s going to feel uncomfortable. And this, what we saw in the banking system over the last eight to ten days is exactly what he was talking about. It’s going to get bumpy. And I don’t think it’s over. Inflation is still high. The Fed’s still got to get inflation back in. And so, the next 12-18 months are going to be uncomfortable.”

You can watch Zandi’s full interview here, but it might not give you the whole picture. (LEARN MORE: How To Understand The Banking Collapse In Just A Few Minutes)

It’s unclear whether Zandi’s comments mean anything of magnitude. They come almost a year after financial expert Michael Burry predicted our current collapse. Burry’s work was best depicted in the movie “The Big Short,” by actor Christian Bale.

He almost single-handedly outed the corrupt mortgage and financial sector prior to the 2008 financial collapse. Surely he’s who we should be listening to now?

Watch ‘The Big Short’ Before It Gets Censored Any Further

A majority of streaming platforms have removed the hit movie “The Big Short.” It’s currently available for rent or purchase on a few sites, such as Amazon Prime. It’s a complicated film, but perfectly shows how corruption and greed always hurts those of us at the lowest end of the social totem pole.

Are your lawmakers concerned about Biden’s failing economy?

Economic policy is only as complicated as the government makes it. And a handful of corrupt individuals do not have to destroy your life.

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