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What’s Behind Biden’s Refusal to Defend our Borders? (Spoiler Alert: It is NOT Incompetence)

Biden’s border policy failures are not due to his incompetence; instead, they are by design. In fact, most (if not all) of his leadership and policy failures—whether relating to the border or national security, energy independence, the pandemic, or foreign affairs—play into his stated goal to “fundamentally transform America,” in lockstep with the objectives of the Progressive Left.

“Citizens of the World”

One of these overarching objectives is to establish a “global order,” where all people are considered “citizens of the world” and once-sovereign nations yield to an international governing body (i.e., the United Nations). Historically, this idea has been widely unpopular among both Democrats and Republicans, who have traditionally viewed America as a global force for good. Moreover, Americans have long held the view that defending and preserving our nation is essential to defend the defenseless around the globe.

For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church?” 1 Timothy 3:5

A Borderless Society

The small group of elites influencing policy do not agree. They view America, the crown jewel of the free world, as the greatest obstacle to achieving a borderless society. They know they must persuade Americans that relinquishing our sovereignty is noble and necessary for the greater good. Patriots who love our country and cherish freedom and sovereignty are viewed as impediments to the globalist agenda.

In an effort to diminish this troublesome patriotism, those in power have set out to refute, disparage, or destroy all that is virtuous about America. Here are some of their apparent strategies:

1. End Free Market Capitalism

Identity Politics – Encouraging citizens to identify primarily with groups rather than as Americans causes people to focus on self-serving interests. Elevating distinctions in race, religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic or medical status, or other individual characteristics over national identity (and even our humanity) erodes compromise and cooperation, each necessary for the peaceful co-existence of a diverse population.

Victimhood – Persuading these people groups that they are powerless victims of a corrupt system reinforces the need for self-preservation, cultivates and justifies anger, and magnifies hopelessness. This inevitably leads to destructive behaviors such as rioting, theft, and senseless violence, resulting in mass chaos, further division, and, now, more significant numbers of actual victims.

Equity – As angry and hurting victims comprise a larger and larger segment of the population, the powerful few promise “equity” (income redistribution) as the only solution. Hopeless people are historically willing to hand power over to their government in desperation for the promised relief. This paves the way for socialism, as individual liberties yield to the “collective good.”

2. Suppress Patriotism

Re-Write History – The re-writing of U.S. history, the tearing down of its monuments, and painting our Founders and the language of our Constitution (including, notably, our First and Second Amendments) as racist and even dangerous are strategies designed to undermine America’s heritage and exceptionalism and demonize patriotism and nationalism.

Destroy Institutions – The Church, the family, education, medicine, local law enforcement, and, among others, were designed to empower and strengthen our society. Undermining or transforming these institutions to the point they cannot fulfill their intended purposes weakens us physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, making us more vulnerable to the government’s attempts to exercise control.

Government Dependence – As society becomes more desperate, the government presents itself as the savior, promising an end to the chaos in exchange for more and more liberties. For example, government works to persuade Americans that it is necessary to nationalize law enforcement, medicine, and control of property and to restrict speech and the press, all in the name of protecting us from real or perceived threats.

3. Open the Border

Open Borders – Promoting a collectivist identity and labeling resistance as racist or xenophobic erodes our national identity and fosters “tolerance” for lax border security. Refusing to secure the border allows for uncontrolled, illegal immigration, increasing drug- and human trafficking, and other violent crimes, contributing to the mounting chaos and instability.

Government Dependence – Mass, uncontrolled, illegal immigration increases competition for American jobs. This not only increases government reliance among illegal immigrants (who are more likely to be dependent on public assistance) but also among American citizens.

Caveat for Consideration

Many immigrants have a greater appreciation for “The American Dream” and the opportunities that abound under our free-market system than many of our native-born citizens. This is why, to the surprise of many far-left progressives, numerous immigrants have actually “left the Left.”

Defend & Preserve Our Constitution

God-fearing, freedom-loving, patriotic Americans must resist these strategies to undermine and destroy all that is noble and virtuous about America. Defending and preserving our nation and our Constitution is essential to defending and preserving our liberties against a global government that is not beholden to our Constitution or the godly principles on which our government was established. In addition, other countries that value freedom and democracy depend on a free America to lead the way in the fight against power-hungry, abusive regimes and the tyranny and terror they inflict or sanction. Yielding our sovereignty to a secular, humanistic, global governing body like the United Nations is to yield every last remnant of individual liberties existing in the free societies around the globe.

What Can Patriots Do?

  • Refuse to villainize fellow Americans…period.
  • Understand equity versus equality: Equality promises equal treatment and opportunity, while equity promises equal outcome (requiring unequal treatment).
  • Protect our Institutions (Church, Family, Local Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • Understand that despite the sins of men, America has been the greatest force for good and for freedom the world has known.
  • Recognize that a system cannot be inherently evil (discern between sinful people who running our systems vs. the systems themselves, which are neutral, apart from people).
  • Fight for our Constitution. Stand strong against infringements to our liberties in every area, and defend equal treatment under the law, free speech and press, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms.
  • Be informed, pray, and vote! Stay in contact with elected officials at every level. Be undeterred by ridicule or other emotional weapons of war.
  • Most importantly, do not compromise objective truth. Hold to objective truth without exception. Communicate truth with kindness and humility.


Casey Engel
Casey Engel Million Voices Contributor
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