How The Crime Wave Is Fostered By Faux Samaritans

One of the greatest downfalls in modern society is our ability to model ourselves upon the Good Samaritan parable in words only. We often forget the physical aspect of what being a great neighbor truly means in practice. Never has this been more accurate than under the backdrop of this decade’s crime wave and here we discover how the crime wave is fostered by faux samaritans.

Violent and property crimes have risen exponentially in all major cities. Analysis from Fox News found that Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. all experienced record crime increases in 2022.

Many of these violent felonies and property crimes stem from drug addiction.

To support an addiction, people commit property crimes so they can use whatever they steal to buy or trade for drugs. Many violent crimes occur when a drug user is mentally incapacitated as a result of their drug use. Some people use drugs to “escape” pre-existing mental health issues, which can lead to violence when untreated.

Even the U.S. Department of Justice understands how normalized the relationship between crime and drug addiction. But “progressive” leaders across America refuse to send offenders to prison or to get them the help they need.

To break the cycle of crime, Republican judges and Christian groups across the U.S. set up prison-deferment programs. These programs offer criminals rehabilitation services, such as education and work placement opportunities. They also have very low recidivism rates, as detailed by author Sam Quinones in “The Least of Us.”

These programs help countless at-risk Americans overcome the destruction caused by epidemic-level drug abuse.

However, a counter force is working these Good Samaritans: George Soros and his purchased politicians.

In almost all of the major cities and jurisdictions where violent and property crime are soaring, far-leftist politicians, district attorneys, and various other high-ranking law enforcement and governmental officials were bought into their positions by foreign billionaire George Soros. He is the common denominator between politicians, policy, and high crime.

Take, for example, Los Angeles county. Almost 98% of district attorneys recently voted to recall Soros-appointed DA George Gascon because of his “soft on crime” agenda. Policies put in place by Gascon allow many violent criminals to receive minimum or no sentences, which has deadly consequences.

While most far-left legislatures in California lecture America to be kinder to criminals with addiction issues, research proves that prison diversion programs save lives. So-call “progressive” law makers might not like policing drug-related crimes, but their ignorance to repeat violent offenders can leave both victims and suspects dead before their time.

You might be wondering why we even use the term “progressive” for these individuals.

The simple answer is because it’s part of their faux identity as Good Samaritans. If these men and women wanted to truly help the most vulnerable Americans amongst us, “soft on crime” wouldn’t be in our vocabulary.

To truly be a Good Samaritan, we must help our neighbors and protect ourselves from progressive policies. (LEARN MORE: How One Social Movement Resulted In 30% Crime Increases)

To ensure that your home, neighbors, and family don’t fall victim to these same crises, sign up to Million Voices today (text MV to 80550). We will do all of the heavy lifting to ensure that your local leadership fight against the faux Samaritans killing our country.


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