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UN Pushes ‘Landmark Declaration’ Containing Blueprint For Global Governance, Experts Say

The United Nations and World Health Organization announced in September that its member states have adopted a “landmark declaration” that is said to help prevent future pandemics, but could also lead to a globalized government.

The declaration lays the groundwork for a globalized government, who would insist on vaccine passports for international travel, as well as pushing for abortions, experts told the Washington Stand. Eleven nations wrote the U.N. General Assembly President Dennis Francis in mid-September, stating their refusal to adopt the declaration. But the U.N.’s press office later said the declaration was adopted, despite no official vote happen to do so.

Future Fight For Control

“Please be aware that next week, October 2-6, the working group with the WHO’s amendments to the International Health Regulations is scheduled to have meetings where they’re going to be discussing some very important issues, [including] definitions of terms, things like the word ‘vaccine,’” Law & Activism Committee at World Council for Health member Jim Roguski explained to Washington Watch.

“There is not a legal definition of ‘vaccine’ or ‘pandemic’ or ‘safe’ or ‘effective.’ They’re going to be talking about the scope of the amendments to the regulations, the principles — things like dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms.”

“But most importantly, they’re going to be discussing what most people call a ‘vaccine passport,’ [what] they refer to as the Global Digital Health Certification Network. … [W]hat they do is they try to have all of these meetings in secret. … People need to know that last year at their World Health Assembly in May of 2022, two amendments were adopted, and the deadline to reject those amendments is coming up very rapidly: December 1. Nobody in the media, nobody in Congress or the Senate, and quite frankly, nobody in any parliamentary body around the world has spoken up, because there is still two months left for every nation.”

Speak Now

“I am praying on a regular basis,” Roguski continued, “that national leaders around the world come to their senses and do what’s needed,” he emphasized. “Just simply write a letter to the WHO rejecting the amendments that were adopted last year. And everyone, I hope, will pay attention to the negotiations that are coming next week for over 300 more amendments. We must speak now [and] realize that they’re doing this.”

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