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TikTok Star Dies Suddenly Aged 30

TikTok star and mother of two Jehane Thomas died suddenly, Friday.

Thomas, 30, was diagnosed with optic neuritis on March 5 after suffering from migraines for nearly two years, according to the New York Post. “The pressure in my head literally takes me off my feet,” Thomas wrote in an Instagram post the same day. The star documented her health journey through social media, garnering tens of thousands of followers.

Her most recent video showed Thomas laying in a hospital bed awaiting surgery. The surgery was said to be successful, but she had to return just weeks later after another flare up.

“I can’t lift my head up without wanting to be sick and I’m unable to walk, I need to be wheeled everywhere,” Thomas wrote in another post from the initial surgery. “That’s how bad the pain is.”

Pray for Jehane’s children

Following her sudden death on Friday, a friend organized a GoFundMe for Thomas’ children, Isaac and Elijah. No information on the page provided details on Thomas’s family nor next of kin, nor her official cause of death.

Tributes have poured out in support of her family, legacy, and those who loved Thomas through her social media accounts.

Why are so many people dying suddenly?

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