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Three Acts Could Finally Restore Safe, Honest, And Fair Elections

A report released in late January by the House Elections Integrity Caucus highlighted the election integrity reforms that did work, those that didn’t, as well as providing recommendations for policymakers to ensure the sanctity of future elections.

“The Election Integrity Caucus’ 2022 Midterm Review is a look at the positive efforts of states like Georgia, Texas, and Florida, which are working to implement policies that promote fair, free, and transparent elections, ” Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney, c0-founder of the caucus, told the Federalist. “It is also a look at what went wrong in states like New York and California, which implemented policies that encouraged chaos at the ballot box and undermined voter confidence.”

Three pieces of legislation were drafted and/or supported by the caucus. These included an end to the Zuckerbucks Act, which would ban Big Tech oligarchs from ever funding a public election ever again.

The second is the “Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act,” which would delay the implementation of President Biden’s executive order 1409,which turns federal agencies into partisan voting operations, according to the report. (LEARN MORE: Catholics Pressure House Judiciary Committee To Investigate Group Linked To Attacks On Pro-Life Centers)

Finally, the American Confidence in Election Act seeks to “protect[s] our elections and pushes back against misguided and unconstitutional efforts to centralize control in Washington,” the report noted. When combined with the previous two Acts, the ACE Act would provide states with tools to boost election integrity while restricting partisan vote harvesting and end same-day voter registration.

Most importantly, the ACE Act would require photo voter identification. All three of these Acts will ensure we grow election integrity on a national-level, and you can tell your local, state, and federal representatives that you want them to VOTE YES on all. If you’re not sure how to do that, sign up to Change.MillionVoices today OR (text MV to 80550) and we will do the heavy lifting for you.


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