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Pop Star Retracts Apology, Doubles Down On Protecting Children

Pop star Ne-Yo hit headlines in August for an interview on Vlad-TV, where he condemned parents who allow their children to go through irreversible gender transition surgeries.

“I just personally come from an era where a man was a man and a woman was a woman, and there wasn’t but two genders, and that’s just how I rock. Now you could identify as a goldfish if you feel it.” Ne-Yo said on the show. “I don’t care, that ain’t my business, it becomes my business when you try to make me play the game with you. I’m not gonna call you a goldfish, but you wanna be a goldfish? You go be a goldfish.”

“I feel like parents have almost forgotten what the role of a parent is,” he continued. “If your little boy comes to you and says, ‘Daddy, I wanna be a girl,’ and you just let him rock with that? He’s five. … When did it become a good idea to let a five-year-old, a six-year-old, a twelve-year-old make a life-changing decision for their self?”

Apologies, But Not

Ne-Yo then posted an apology on social media, saying that “Gender identity is nuanced and I can honestly admit that I plan to better educate myself on the topic…” but he wasn’t done. After a massive backlash following his apology, Ne-Yo appeared to speak his truth.

“I normally don’t give too much of a d–n about what you all think about what I do, what you have to say about what I say or whatever — and I normally don’t care because, like I said, opinions ain’t special, everybody got one. However, this is something I feel very strongly on and I need y’all to hear this from the horse’s mouth, not the publicist’s computer. … First and foremost, I do not apologize for having an opinion on this matter. I am a 43-year-old heterosexual man raising five boys and two girls, okay? That’s my reality. Now if my opinion offended somebody, yeah sure, I apologize for you being offended because that wasn’t my intention. My intention is never to offend anybody. … However, if somebody asks my opinion on this matter — and this is how I feel — I will never be okay with allowing a child to make a decision that detrimental to their life”

Protecting Children Is Worth Being Cancelled

By contacting your local representatives to share your disgust, fear, or frustration with the power claimed by “medical institutions” and elected government officials over your children, you can shift policy to protect America’s most valuable members – its young people.

To contact your local representatives today, sign up for www.Change. today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure that your voice is always heard.


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