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After More Than 70 Attacks On Pro-Life Centers, The FBI Still Haven’t Made Any Arrests

Attacks on pro-life centers and Christian organizations skyrocketed in 2022. The FBI still haven’t made any arrests after 70 attacks on pro-life centers.

Attacks against maternity homes and other pro-life organizations varied from revolting graffiti and minor property damage to death threats, theft, arson, and even bombings. In June, a far-leftist, pro-abortion organization called Jane’s Revenge allegedly firebombed a Compasscare pro-life crisis center located in Buffalo, New York, the Gateway Pundit reported.

The attack caused around $150,000 of damage. And the group allegedly behind the attack wrote “Jane Was Here” on the walls of the building before setting it alight.

The group took responsibility for vandalizing a Washington D.C.-based crisis pregnancy center around the same time, the outlet noted. Despite being provided with security camera footage, the FBI failed to make a single arrest and refused to investigate the attack as a political bombing.

The Compasscare Center is not alone in its complete abandonment by federal law enforcement.

In June 2022 alone there were more than 30 different attacks on pro-life centers, according to the E&C Republicans in the House. One in Colorado was even set ablaze. (LEARN MORE: Watch The LIFE Series From Million Voices)


What can we do to stop domestic terrorism against those who dedicate their lives to protecting the lives of others? It might seem like a futile question at this moment in American history, but it’s not.

Like you, there are millions of Americans who care about life. They care about protecting all lives. If we all join together and speak loudly enough, we can ensure that the domestic terrorists who attack our organizations are held accountable for their criminal actions.

As citizen lobbyists, our job is to constantly tell our elected officials that the safety and freedom of the unborn, their mothers, and those who support them, is a critical need in America today. To become a voice for action, sign up for today (text MV to 80550) and share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed.


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