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More Than 850 People Still Missing After Maui Wildfires

More than 850 people are still potentially missing following a series of horrific wildfires that claimed 115 lives in Maui, Hawaii.

The fires erupted on August 8, destroying Lahaina, burning through 2,500 acres, Christian Headlines reported. When the missing persons list started, some 2,000 people were reportedly on it, but that number dropped as more than 1,285 were found.

Only 27 victims have been identified thus far, and of those, only 11 families have been notified, some two weeks after the wildfire targeted some of the most sacred and protected cultural land of Hawaii’s native population. (LEARN MORE: Maui Church Untouched During Deadly Wildfires)

Biden’s Botched Response

When President Joe Biden finally decided to visit Hawaii, almost two weeks after the fires, he was not met with joy. Many people lined roadways to chant explicitly at his motorcade, and many people online think his actions during his brief visit were repulsive.

At one point, he tried to compare this massive tragedy to a tiny incident at his home in 2004 where lightning struck, injuring no one and doing barely any damage. He also appeared to fall asleep while at an official event for the people he’ll ask to vote for him in 2024.

Natural Disaster Response Is Imperative

The Biden Administration’s response to all natural and man-made disasters has been disgusting, and falls far below what we should expect from our commander in chief. Thankfully, we get to choose a new president in 2024. So, who are you favorite candidates?

And what are the most important policies to you? And did you know that you, your family and friends can send letters directly to your elected officials today? We can tell your leaders what you want from their time in office, and what you expect from our federal government.

Letter writing campaigns, or even just a single letter, can be enough to sway policy. So what do you care about and want changed? Let us know, and we’ll send the letters to the right representatives for you.

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