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More Than 4 Million Illegal Immigrants Apprehended At Border Under Biden

4.2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended along the U.S. southern border with Mexico since President Joe Biden took office, according to a report released Friday by Customs and Border Protection.

Border Patrol agents reportedly apprehended 221,181 people trying to illegally enter the U.S. via our border with Mexico in just December 2022, according to Breitbart. CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller said that “the December update shows our new border enforcement measures are working,” but seemingly did not elaborate on this statement.

Just in case your local politicians aren’t aware, just because some 221,181 people were apprehended in December, it doesn’t mean anything has been done to curb the pull factors that keep bringing people over our border illegally.

It is also a meaningless statistic when compared to the reality of the border crisis.

We actually have no idea how many people have entered the county illegally under the Biden Administration. We have no idea how many of these people are criminals. We don’t even know why these people keep making the horrifically dangerous journey here in the first place.

All we know is roughly how many people have been stopped by CBP as they cross the border. We know that a majority of those crossing claim to be single, or entering alone. We know  that a lot of them are minors traveling alone, and that seemingly no young people have ever been accompanied over our southern border — which feels like an impossible statistic. (LEARN MORE: Watch This Video To Learn More About The Border Crisis And Rise In Organized Crime)

Without having any type of serious reportage or data collection, it is impossible to know precisely what impact the border crisis is having on American safety.

We do know that the human trafficking crisis on our border brings in an estimate $150 billion for cartels and other organized criminals, according to Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack. And this doesn’t include the billions of dollars made from illegal fentanyl sales that are killing Americans at a record-breaking rate.

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